Green Practices

Doing the right thing is embedded in what we do every day. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures quality ingredients even before we make or deliver your meal or snack.

For snack and meals, we're committed to:

  • Proteins from suppliers who promote the humane welfare of farm animals

  • Chicken and poultry produced without the routine use of antibiotics

  • Certified humane cage-free shell eggs

  • rBGH-free yogurt and milk

  • Ingredients from local and regional sources where possible

  • Sustainable seafood - including FAD-free tuna

Beyond the food, we're also committed to:

  • Partnering with coffee roasters that are socially and ecologically certified, including bird friendly, fair trade, organic, and Rainforest Alliance

  • Reducing the amount of single-use plastic by moving to more sustainable options for plastic stir sticks and straws

  • Recyclable PET plastic bottles

  • Menus of Change where we provide delicious, nutrient-dense meals for our guests while protecting and improving the health of our planet

  • Reducing our impact on the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our fleet

  • Replacing old equipment with Energy Star certified equipment

  • Installing energy conservation devices and motion sensor kits to reduce the use of power

  • Recycling cardboard in our branches

As part of Compass Group, we follow their commitment to sustainability and it encompasses everything from purchasing to implementing practices in your location.

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